вторник, 14 августа 2012 г.

Best summer for me

I think that this summer was best for me and my new friends. It has  one reason  and many after-effects. I  speak about visiting of japanese delegation in our academy. Follow agreements between Osala medical college and ASMA   we had  visit of three 5th year students - Ai, Yoko, Daichi. They have great programs in study and entertainments. In morning are clinical classes, then lunch, after that are museums, exhibitions, shopping, walkings on the embankment of river Amur ( especially new part of  embankment in night time). Our japanese friends like take  the photos of all place of interest, dishes in hotel and so on. In practical classes the most interesting things were methods of physical examinations such as palpation, auscultation, percussion ( in internal medicine), baby delivering in obstetrics,  taking part in operations because in Japan medical students can't work with patients like Russian students. Daichi told us that they use only models of patients - simulators or healthy students. Thats why it is great experience for  their and opportunity to take part first time in such practical skills. The profession of doctor is most expensive. The payments are 9,000 000 RU for 6 years of studying. Ai was very surprised that students in ASMA go out from studying at all, japanese students can't allow this, because the cost of studying very high. Only majority of children of doctors can allow education of doctor.Average income is 12,000 dollars ( compare with our income of doctors).   Besides they were impressed by kindness of R.people and  russian traditional foods.
It is great chance to improve English. Now 2.00, it is late and I should go to bed, but I hope tomorrow I will be continue our talk. 

вторник, 27 марта 2012 г.

Short test for future surgeons....

Reflect on your clinical experiences and how you felt while caring for patients. Do you:
1. Appreciate working as a member of a team?
2. Enjoy watching your patients improve daily after major injuries or surgical procedures?
3. Embrace responsibility and the opportunity to make a positive impact?
4. Excel at problem solving and have the ability to “think on your feet”?
5.Feel intrigued by the challenge of managing multiple physiological and psychological problems in your critically ill surgical patients?
6.Share the excitement of a surgical team anticipating a "great case"?
7.Enjoy the challenges of acquiring new technical skills and understanding new technologies?

If the answer to some of these questions is "Yes!", a surgical career may be right for you.

суббота, 11 февраля 2012 г.

Inventor 2012

10 th of February  was Conference dedicated to innovation in medicine and year of science  in Amur region. Competition was carrying between students, residents and doctors from different hospitals of our city. Innovation projects  have been presented in 3 nominations: Medicine, Chemistry, Biotechnology. Participants had many ideas of application innovation projects such as "Neorectum", measure aggressive forms of oxygen, influence of extracts of  St.-John's wort on process of lipid peroxidation and so on. On the one hand this conference  endows young scientists by grants, on the other hand it is excellent opportunity   communicate  with other scientist and  exchange ideas. Commission of experts consist from  doctors of medicine, experts of ministry of education and science and they estimate 23 participants.  Main idea of conference is creation of  innovation association for realize of these projects to practical public health service. 
 I won  and got second place in nomination - Chemistry. 

понедельник, 30 января 2012 г.

Holidays were great! I had exam without exam,for rating, therefore I was on holiday all January. Long time of this month I spend in country ( at grandmother), so i hadn't Internet :(, but fresh air and physical activity were inestimable advantage ))). Now, modern technologies is my and I will hope take an active part in communications and science soon! By the way, ASMA carry out conference "Investigator" for young scientist, students and residents, it will be 10th of February.....
House in village.......

By Vladimir....

воскресенье, 20 ноября 2011 г.

SSS on chair of biochemistry!!!

I glad to say you about SSS on chair of biochemistry. This event will be tomorrow. Theme of SSS  "Metabolism of energy", host of SSS is priest therefore  theme has philosophical mean.  The chair expect for  pharmacologists, physiologists and other chairs and of course students of ASMA.
Invite all!!! We wait you!!!!!!
By Vladimir....
SSS was meaty.Reporters were diffrenet and devote much time to definition of energy.  Doctor of acupuncture gave high profile to chanels of energy,  scientist - nervous system and mediators, chinese doctor said that european medicine is material while chinese medicine is mental, difficult, unknowledge for Europe, but it (chinese medicine) work. Deacon(!) said that Church considers energy as  a grace of God, and it is help to treat  souls.
In my opinion energy in our body is a special field. Biochemical equivalent of funtion of this electromagnetic field is concetration of  ions. This opinon is consequence  of  statement that DOCTOR HAS TO BE MATERIALIST.

среда, 16 ноября 2011 г.

My short story about 3-rd year

 Devote to future 3-rd year student

In my opinion, most difficult year in ASMA is 3. During 2 month I haven't free time nowhere, except food and sleep. Adaptation for new condition after 2-d year was long. 50% of studies I carry out  in hospital. But it is experience and interesting.  
Try to learn  more, and learn by heart surgery and internal therapy! It base for clinics. On surgery we often visit endoscopic operation. Don't forget shoe covers and mask, differently you can't visit operations. And I advise you - join to SSS in surgery - you have chance to "touch" modern technologies  and open world of medicine anew. Today was theme "Modern methods of hemostasis". We watched film about technology of hemostasis, using only in Moscow....
To be continued.....